Hell F*ck Yeah! Northeast Party House cover ‘Covered in Chrome’ by Violent Soho

There are many reasons as to why Friday is a great day, but my favourite thing about Friday is tuning into triple J for ‘Like a Version’. I’m typically old fashioned, as in, who ever did it first did it better – But my love of covers for a while now has been kindled – thanks to Triple J.

Most are probably familiar with Triple J’s ‘like a version’, as it’s responsible for the some of the best covers out. Those who aren’t, have probably still unwittingly heard covers from the program and been left mindlessly humming along to them in the car.

‘Like a version’ is a Triple J radio segment which happens every Friday morning in which Australian artists & International artists play live acoustic covers of a song of their choice. It’s featured some of the most well known artists as of recent such as Arctic Monkeys, Missy Higgins, Boy & Bear, and much, much more!

Today for Like a Version, Northeast Party House covered Violent Soho’s hit ‘Covered in Chrome’

Today’s cover was nothing short of amazing! Having not heard much of Northeast Party house, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially considering I’m a Soho fan – I couldn’t imagine ‘Covered in Chrome’ ever being produced any other way then it’s original form.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned ‘covered in Chrome’ as a dance track… but I’m no visionary and here it is… wallaaaah!

Even if your a die-hard Violent Soho fan, I bet that groovy ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! — Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! — Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! …’ still had you bopping!

But, does it top the original ?

Just from skimming over a few comments, most people felt that the Northeast Party house cover sucked all the ‘raw emotion’ out of the song, that was intended with the original. But I’d agree with the people who suggested that was intentional. The point of a cover is to have another take on something, and to push the boundaries, and for me this was achieved.

It’s a completely different take on a great alternative rock song.This track was produced as a feel good cover, with a different intent to that of Violent Soho.

When I heard Northeast Party houses cover, the feel of the song all together was completely different to what I felt, being slammed around in a mosh, listening to Violent Soho play at Oxford Art Factory earlier this year – the fact that I could feel completely different emotions for the same song, to me, means the artist has done something right through originality.

But, love it or hate it, rate it? What version will you be blaring in your car? Raw grunge alternative rock OR electro-feel-good dance vibes?

Northeast Party house clearly weren’t trying to appease Violent Soho fans, and I think they did a hell of a job with the cover! I’m converted to a Northeast Party house fan as of now. You can check out and support both Violent Soho & Northeast Party House by checking out there tasty jams and following them on Facebook.