Liebster Award Nomination

So I’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD, which is very exciting news, considering I thought the only people reading my blog were my mum and three best friends!

Initially I was a bit frazzled, as I had no idea what this nomination meant, so if your also new to the concept I’ll give you the rundown:

The point of the LIEBSTER AWARD is to help new blogs (typically 200 Twitter followers or less but no rules are set in stone…) get their name out there, spread the good word.

The rules are simple- when you get nominated:

1) Answer the questions sent to you
2) Nominate 11 bloggers
3) Ask them 11 questions thought of by yourself
4) Notify them that they have been nominated

So basically I’ve been given a set of questions to answer, and anyone who has the ‘privilege’ of knowing me, knows that I love being put on the spot and am great at answering questions wittily – NOT.

As requested here are my answers in all their awkward glory – A Big thanks again to @whippedgreengirl for the nomination, you can check out her dandy little blog here if your in the mood for a giggle or just a solid read

Without further a do, here are my questions & answers:

What was your last Halloween costume?

SOOO let me just hop on the bad-time-bandwagon and come clean to the fact that I didn’t actually celebrate Halloween this year. In my defense this year Halloween happened to fall on the same day as end of semester for me – the last of my major assignments were due and handed in that day. So instead of celebrating Halloween, me and my best friend who I also go to uni with, decided to go and get drunk to celebrate end of sem – how appropriate. In regards to a costume, I think my last Halloween costume was a witch’s outfit – ya know the pointy hat, broom stick and all. I’m not the most innovative when it comes to Halloween as no one I’m friends with really celebrates it, because they’re lame.


We pull off ‘sober’ surprisingly well considering how much alcohol we had actually consumed at that point in the night.

You’ve won a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I’m going to say the Greek Islands because ever since I watched Mamma Mia I’ve wanted to go there. It just looks so beautiful. I’m not one to plan my ‘dream wedding’, but that movie did set the standard pretty high (apologies in advanced to my future husband who probably can’t afford to fund my dream wedding in Greece!)

I feel like it's cliche, but I think it's beautiful.

I feel like it’s cliche, but I think it’s beautiful.

Do you remember the first time you said “I love you” to someone?

I’m someone who say’s “I LOVE YOU” very freely… especially after a few drinks! I drunk call my friends a lot just to tell them “I love them” because I feel like I don’t tell them enough. So “I LOVE YOU” is not this dreaded over-committal thing for me. To me LOVE is the appreciation you have for somebody. Telling someone you are “in love” with them however, well that’s when tables are turned, and I do not give that information very freely.

What haircut/style do you most regret?
Bangs. Who even regrets bangs right? They are like the greatest fringe style ever – just not on me. I decided it would be a fabulous idea (as my 12 year old self) to get bangs. Mind you, if you have seen my hair naturally, when I first hop out of the shower it looks like a mangled auburn afro of tangled, dreadlock-like, ringlets!! So yeah, before the discovery of the hair straighter and various hair styling products, I thought it would be awesome to get bangs and I would look a million bucks – wrong 12-year old self, WRONG! This is actually one of those moments were I look back and say, “mum, why didn’t you stop me”! She generally laughs, and then laughs some more at the thought of my 12-year old self with frizzy auburn bangs. So as much as I love the look of bangs, I’m scarred and can never go back.

I did try to forage for photos of this hair-trosity but was unsuccessful in my endeavors in locating a photo – sorry, you’ll just have to use your imaginations!

Still a touchy subject for me, but I’ve had two family pets – both childhood, family pets – Jesse & Scruffy.
Both have now unfortunately passed away, but remain solid in my memory and heart.
I’ve also had my share of other pets including fish, mice, hermit crabs and sea monkeys – still no horse from daddy yet though *sigh


My little champ who we lost about 6 months ago, Scruffy xx

ANNNND, this is our beloved Jesse, my childhood doggy xx

ANNNND, this is our beloved Jesse, my childhood doggy xx

First live music concert?
Well this is embarrassing… * cough cough     THE VERONICA’S… *cough. Yeah, sprung, I saw the Veronica s when I was probably about 13, with one of my school friends and both our mums – how mortifying is that. But I saw the light after that and saw Bernard Fanning with my dad not long after, and he was amazing! If you haven’t heard his first solo album “Tea & Sympathy”, I would recommend it!

When I thought I was cool.

When I thought I was cool…

I saw the light, and the light was Bernard Fanning - thanks dad!

Then I saw the light, and the light was Bernard Fanning – thanks dad!

What was your first blog article ever?

My first ever blog post was, “How to tell you’re in denial about turning twenty”, it was written while I was going through my quarter life crisis, in which I realised I had achieved nothing with my life and felt severely unaccomplished for a TWENTY YEAR OLD. I was just also outright mortified of being 20, it just seemed so old – I was devastated, so I used my blog as an outlet to let some of the feels out, as well as use it to have a laugh at how ridiculous I was being, and how ridiculous I am in general.

What’s your favorite candy?
I have a massive sweet tooth so, no favourtisim here, I love em all! Although I can never go past a chupa-chup or Zappos!

What’s your favorite pair of shoes at the moment?
HARDEST QUESTION EVER. I do love my boots though. I have this darling pair of boots that I bought over a year ago now (pretty sure I only paid like $14 for them, so I was stoked) and they’ve survived everything – including festivals and muddy puddles! I adore them and they seem to go with just about everything I wear – it’s a match made in heaven really.

If they can survive Groovin the Moo, they can survive anything! These babies have never let me down! The did require a good scrub, put there good as new again now!

If they can survive Groovin the Moo, they can survive anything! These babies have never let me down! They did require a good scrub, put there good as new again now!

What online store do you shop at most?

Get ready to judge me, because I don’t really online shop out of fear of disappointment. However I did stumble across this little doosey of a find which I’ll share – Amy out of the band Stone field has her own vintage 70’s fashion line which you can browse and buy online. I thought it was cool, and it surprisingly wasn’t over-priced either.

definitely worth a look:   

What did you do on your first date?
Is it bad that I don’t remember? Because I don’t think 15year olds really go on “dates” haha! They just do the whole casual thing, ya know? I didn’t really start going out on dates until I was like 18? I just had boyfriends – foolish girl. I guess my first official “date” then was probably a dinner date at the coffee club, so it was pretty standard cliché dinner date really!

I now nominate these lovely humans to answer the following questions thought of by yours-truly:


Here are your questions if you choose to accept:

1. BEARD or CLEAN SHAVEN – How do you like your man, whats more attractive?
2. What’s your FAVOURITE lipstick? Or lip gloss if you’re not a big lipstick wearer?
3. What song do you currently have on repeat & why?
4. Tell us your signature drink when you’re out on the town (yummy cocktail fave? Fave shot etc?? ) AND tell us an awkward story about a drunken time you encountered after consuming this beverage?? (Listen to me just assuming we’re all alcoholics here! By all means if you don’t drink just share with as an awkward moment or maybe you have a mock tail favourite?)
5. What makes you happy?
it’s the question we all hate, but I’m going to ask it anyway – What’s your dream job?
7. If you could relive one moment what would it be?
8. Show us one of your favourite photos? What does it mean to you – why do you love it?
9. Favourite most recent purchase – what is it?
10. Best thing you’ve read lately, share it with us? (could be a magazine article, meme etc)
11. Give us a summary of your bucket list? What is high on your list of priorities to do within the next few years?

Looking forward to reading all your answers,

Caitlin x



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