She’s back & she comes bearing “FROOT”

Marina has just released a new video for her single “FROOT”, featured on her yet- to- be released third studio album! True to Marina’s form, the single sounds nothing like anything else she’s produced – but it’s Marina, and she’s gorgeous so we’re all wee-ing our pants with excitement.


Marina flaunts her gorgeous curves in glamorous old-style gowns and red lippy, reminding us all just how much we love and adore her for her iconic style alone. True to character she even manages to bust out some swift and ever so graceful dance moves – check it out…

Her new album FROOT will mark the release of her third studio album after the release of her debut album The Family Jewels in 2010 and her 2nd album Electra Heart in 2012.The Welsh singer, songwriter mixes up a variety of genres in each album including electro pop, indie pop and new wave musical styles. If you’re not familiar with her work, I’ve got two words for you – “Primadonna Girl”


The hit single “Primadonna” was released off Marina’s 2nd album Electra heart, which was a concept album based on the ideologies surrounding the female identity especially relevant to stereotypical American culture. Marina explored several female archetypes through her music – the Teen Idle, the Primmadonna, the Homewrecker, and the Su-Barbie-A – as well as exploring the repressive feelings that come with experiencing a break up. The single put her on the charts, but personally I feel like her album deserved a lot more praise. The ideas associated with having an identity crisis, and struggling to find ones sense of self were all glamourised and all to relatable for many females. But according to Marina we’re in for a treat as her new album according to her is nothing like the other two!


SO how does FROOT compare?

In a recent interview with the Line of best fit, Marina spoke about the new album saying, “it’s centered around extremely different things; half of the album is about a relationship that I had to end. It’s not something I feel good about, and it’s not something I’d really addressed before in my songwriting. In pop music in general it’s always this spurned ex-lover type of thing, but this time it wasn’t that at all. It was more like the guilt that you have to deal with that comes from hurting someone else. It’s just as hard as being rejected or dumped.”

She also spoke about producing the album saying, “In the past because I was new and I was someone who really needed praise, I very much listened to other people, perhaps when I shouldn’t have. So because of that, on FROOT, I wanted to create the whole thing. I think one of the biggest challenges was saying what I wanted to do for once. Whoever you are as an artist, you have to know who you are so that you can do what you want to do… so that no one’s going to tell you what your identity is.

“I think my confidence as a songwriter has improved just by listening to my instincts and believing in my own abilities.” Mmm, we feel you girl!

Marina also claimed she’s taken a less “cynical” approach with FROOT, genuinely because she is all-round much happier…

“I guess it’s probably because I’m happy. It sounds very uninteresting, but I think when you aren’t happy with yourself you tend to be much more cynical about life.” Good to hear!


It seems like we can expect to hear an album that is very true to Marina, and as always, full of sassy, womanly goodness! As an artist there is a sense of vulnerability and exposure that comes with the work they produce, and I think Marina really nails that and lets us in.

When questioned about her art she said, “I see albums as chapters of your life. For the fan, to see how someone progresses… I mean I love seeing that in artists I’m a fan of. It’s because you become attached to them, and you hope that good things are happening for them and certain things are mended in them.

“To see that progression is really satisfying. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what I’m interested in doing.” Yes Marina… we’re very attached! We all want a piece of that Marina pie.

Her new album FROOT, named after the debut single, is set to be released in April 2015 – which seems way too long to bear! Lucky you can pre-order it now on I-tunes NOW which will allow you to gain a new single off the album every month up until the release!




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