As we bid farewell to 2015 we welcome in a new year full of new experiences, new memories, new opportunities and of course new products. But a new year doesn’t mean we have to completely clear out our beauty bags! Here’s six beauty finds from 2015 that are worth investing in for the new year.



Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick, Red Revival:
Red lipstick is an absolute beauty essential for any girl. It is the universal go-to colour when you need to spice up your outfit or compliment your hair. Any smart girl knows you can never have too many shades of red lippy, however this little beauty seems to be the perfect shade for every occasion!

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish, Rain Rain Go Away:
For any woman on a mission, who’s constantly on the go (or just impatient) – this one’s for you. This nail polish doesn’t keep you waiting around immobile. This nail polish lets you get on with life, requiring only a few minutes of your precious time. After searching for the perfect combination of subtle, soft-beige and nude – this has to be a winner.

Lush, Charity Pot hand & body lotion:
Nothing beats smooth skin and nothing is more satisfying than glowing smooth skin. After doing the rounds, trying multiple moisturisers and lotions, this baby had me coming back for more. It applies well and leaves your skin feeling extremely rejuvenated. It works wonders for dry skin and leaves a lovely lingering scent when applied.

Bondi Sands, Self-tanning foam (Light/Medium):
Being pale in summer isn’t fun. Going and getting a spray tan also isn’t always fun, nor convenient for a girl on the go. When a little colour is needed, Bondi Sands provides the goods. Out of all the self-tanning products (based on price and results) this would have to be the favourite. It’s also less inclined to stain the skin and seems to wash off more naturally than other products I’ve tried previously. Be sure to indulge in an exfoliating frenzy prior to tanning and grab a tanning buddy to ensure you don’t miss a spot!

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, Ivory 03
The struggle for the perfect foundation is one we all know too well. Over the years I’ve dumped many foundations over rough application, poor coverage and learnt the heart break of buying a foundation that is just not compatible with your skin tone. The Clinique Superbalanced foundation, however, ticks all the boxes of what a foundation should be. The foundation is oil free, provides a good level of coverage (without looking to heavy) and is more natural. It also doesn’t dry out your skin, or look powdery on application.

Rimmel Day-2-Night Mascara:
I am forever being complimented and asked how I get my lashes so lush and I owe it all to this little gem (and partially to good genetics). This mascara is great for both lengthening your lashes and adding volume. This two in one weapon will have your eyelashes fluttering in the breeze, attracting all kinds of eyelash envy (no fake eyelashes required).



We all know $20-bucks won’t get you much these days, but it can get you a golden ticket to witness some of the best upcoming talent in the big wide world of music. Some of the best artists I’ve seen have cost me little more than loose change.

While we love our big arena acts, there’s nothing quite like catching a sneaky gig. The best part is you’re always guaranteed an intimate experience (even if the guy next to you in the mosh is sweating all over your enjoyment). Just to name a few – Vance Joy, Megan Washington, Violent Soho & Northeast Party House – are just a few of the names I’ve been lucky enough to catch for less than an hours wage.

Coming into the ‘silly-season’ means we’re all trying to watch our dosh, but still have a good time! Fret no more, as your budget gig guide is here to provide you with all the glorious musical magic you need to not-break-the-bank before Christmas.


This young Sydney based artist is on fire! Only 18 years old and already she’s featured in tracks with the likes of Peking Duck & been featured in Rolling stone magazine. Her entirely self-produced EP Ode, showcases an array of electronic-indie-pop vibes worth getting excited about. It goes without saying that this is girl has talent.  But if your still not convinced, check out her track ‘About us’ – you’ll regret nothing.

WHEN: Friday 20th November, 2015
COST: $12 +BF



This four piece Sydney spectacular is high on the list of “not to be missed” acts. If you live for sweet, celestial harmonies and enjoy long walks on the beach – this is one for you. Their soft 70’s inspired pop music, with a twist of infused violin, will have you feeling like you’ve just fallen in love again for the first time. Close your eyes, and let the infectious sound sink in, listen to their original track, Close my eyes’  and decide for yourself!

8pm Saturday November 21st 2015
$12 + BF


A charming, heart throb of a man, is Fraser A. Gorman. This Melbourne-muso is a canny, storyteller with thriving character, which reflects through his music. This guy can rock a guitar and harmonica,  giving all his songs that folky-vibe you can tap along to. With the recent release of his debut album, Slow Gum, Fraser has been touring around sharing his story and charm with the world and now Sydney. Check out his track ‘Broken hands’ and see if he is your cup of tea!

WHEN: 8pm Thursday December 17th 2015
COST: $12 +BF

Bullshit aside, if it’s a good time with good vibes you’re chasing, Lime Cordiale is where it’s at. Brothers, Oli and Louis Leimbach, know how to put on a show. Providing fun, indie-pop jams you can bop along to. It’s guaranteed no-judgement if you sing along out of tune – as long as you’re having a go and getting amongst it! Checkout out their new track ‘Not that easy’ and see if you’re feeling it!


COST: $17.10
WHEN: Saturday 19th of December, 2015 (doors open 7:30pm)
WHERE: The Metro Theatre Sydney


Fancy some surf-rock, pop vibes in your life? Let me introduce you to Wollongong duo, Hockey Dad. These two young souls will provide a wild time, as their never short of energy. Touring with the likes of the DZ Deathrays and the Jungle Giants, these guys are pretty bangin’.  Check out their track, ‘Can’t have them’ and decide for yourself!

COST: $12 + BF
WHEN: Saturday the 21st of November & Sunday 29th of November 2015
WHERE: The Metro Theatre Sydney

Little Bay


A beautiful summers day is never to be wasted – yesterdays weather true to Sydney’s beautiful sunny form, was no exception! Regardless of the two UNI assignments lingering over my head, I decided yesterday was the perfect opportunity to yet again disown whatever little responsibility and commitment I have and head to the beach!

As we dragged our sun deprived bodies off the lounge the question of WHERE arouse? After minutes of googling and ‘researching’ pretty spots to swim, we stumbled upon Little Bay.

After “umming” and “ahhing” for a good half of the day, we decided Little Bay Beach was the location of choice and it certainly did not disappoint! From the moment we arrived the view of beautiful clear blue water was memorising!

View from the top near the carpark

View from the top near the carpark

My cute little model for the day, Sam - soaking up the view

My cute little model for the day, Sam – soaking up the view

Couldn't knock back a selfie with a beautiful view (us being the beautiful view, of course!)

Couldn’t knock back a selfie with a beautiful view (us being the beautiful view, of course!)from

Tucked away at the bottom of Randwick Golf course, Little Bay is hidden away, sheltered from the cruel coastal breeze making it an ideal swimming location. Being so recluse also means it attracts minimal swell – so you don’t have to worry about getting dumped or choppy waves. The flat surf makes it a perfect point of relaxation and the ideal spot for a snorkel (for those feeling more adventurous).


Not to mention, it’s also the prime location for a good old fashioned picnic or even just to laze around and soak up some sun in good company ( or in your own company – your choice). We weren’t feeling quite so ambitious, choosing to laze around and soak up some sunshine instead! As well as the beach, a little further down just across the rocks are two more secluded swimming spots, just as beautiful as the first. All are along the cove and easily accessible.

IMG_1307 IMG_1306

For such a pretty spot you’d expect it to attract a bigger crowd, but due to it’s location it seems to be a treasure appreciated mostly by the locals. On a whole I’d definitely put it high on the list of places to check out this summer. For those who want to check it out, the offical address we used to get there was 4R Coast Hospital Road, Little Bay NSW 2036, which gets you to a car park above little bay beach. There is a set of stairs close by that trail down to the ocean so you’re virtually right there. It’s one worth shaving your legs for ladies – I rate it a sturdy 4/5

Thought of the Day: Is discomfort the key to leading a productive lifestyle?

I’m the first to admit I’ve been guilty of living a comfortable life; a confined life in which I ignore and avoid the things that cause me discomfort.

When you think about comfort you realise how essential it is to us as individuals. We seek comfort within a companion, comfort within a home, comfort within a career and comfort and acceptance within our social circles. Often in most cases if something in our lives makes us that little bit uncomfortable, our immediate reaction is to throw in the towel and call it a day. As much as we all crave a comfortable lifestyle, it seems the key to being motivated and productive lies within conquering what we perceive as “uncomfortable”.

Let Neale Donald Walsch remind us that, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. comfort zoness Daniel H. Pink, author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth about What motivates us”  acknowledges that being productive often means being uncomfortable and putting yourself outside your comfort zone, in his words Productive discomfort”. He draws on the effect discomfort has on us being “productive”. He explains, “If you’re too comfortable, you’re not productive and if you’re too uncomfortable, you’re not productive – like Goldilocks, we can’t be too hot or too cold”.

His words couldn’t be truer, like most things in life you need to establish your happy medium. Overcoming a little stress and anxiety every once in a while can be incredibly stimulating and motivating!

Although I’m guilty of myself creating the “too hard” pile in my own life and deeming things  “uncomfortable” and “gut-wrenching”, generally they turn out to be things I end up accepting as normal and necessary. I’ll never forget the first time I was asked to give a 20 minute presentation at TAFE for an assessment. My initial gut feeling towards the dreaded words “presentation” struck fear within me, and before I’d even made a start on the task  I was already convincing myself in my head that it was “too hard” and that I “couldn’t do it”. A few years down the track at University, presentations are something I do quite regularly, and sure there not always the most fun thing to do, but they are critical to my studies. out

The truth is it doesn’t remain uncomfortable forever. That nauseous, uneasy feeling eventually fades and your left feeling like it was never anything to be worried about in the first place. It becomes normal to you, even though it was once foreign and unknown. Almost all my achievements were uncomfortable situations for me at first. Even the initial thought of going to University made me cringe.

If you’re anything like me, your anxiety will always try and get the better of you and conquering that will always seem like an uphill battle – but nonetheless a battle worth conquering. BUT REMEMBER: Don’t miss out! it’s easy to think in “worse case scenario” but rarely will it ever eventuate in worst way imaginable, and if it does, laugh it off. While comfort and familiarity are always going to be more appealing, they’re not always more fulfilling or productive.

14 reasons why I’d rather be single on Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it, hate it, or just downright dread it, the 14 of February is fast approaching. As much as you may try to deny yourself of the “singles” experience, it seems every trip to the supermarket leaves you surrounded by plush toys, giant bouquets of deep red roses and aisles upon aisles of boxed chocolates.

I’ve never understood why people make such a big deal out of being single on Valentine’s Day? If anything, those who just so happen to find themselves single should celebrate the fact that they don’t have to waste their money and affection on a crappy hallmark-inspired day!
Please don’t wait for that one day a year to declare your love for me! If you’re in love with me, form an orderly line behind the rest, eventually you will be given a sword and you can fight for my love and affection. I would find that much more fulfilling and “romantic” than any corny card or “romantic” gesture.

But that’s me, and regardless of how I feel, declaring your love for your sweetheart through material clichés on this particular day seems to have caught on quite nicely, as now more so than ever, the expectation and struggle for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or the right romantic occasion has become real.

Personally, I’m not particularly phased by the whole thing. The expectation placed on your significant other to do something “special” and “romantic” doesn’t really scream “thoughtful” or “romantic” at all.

Call me warped, but my perception of romance is a lot different. A romantic gesture to me is when he see’s you’ve had a stressful day and brings you home a bottle of wine (he understands your needs). A romantic gesture is when he knows you have no plans, so he makes plans for the two of you (he knows you can be needy). A romantic gesture is when he lets you choose the music you fall asleep to (he appreciates your good taste in music); not when the thought of not buying you the ring you demanded, that you picked out of the shop window, makes him fear for his life – it’s important you distinguish the two.

On the contrary to that, I feel like men aren’t particularly good at romantic gestures. Like, have you seen how many guys propose to their girlfriends at sporting events?! Like dude… really? She has to report back to her girlfriends and give the whole “how did he propose” speech, do you know how horrible that story would be to retell? And why do you think women get complete control over planning the wedding? I will tell you, it’s because men don’t care. In fact their care factor probably extends to the point of, “will there be beer there?”

Furthermore, we place too much expectation on these poor, simple beings to produce our most wild and unrealistic romantic fantasies and then bash them for trying and falling short. Romantic novels and too many chick flicks have sent us all a bit loopy. I’m sorry a fictional character you found yourself relating to ruined the reality of your “first love” for you. I’m sorry you spent the last three Valentines Day’s alone in bed eating Tim Tam’s and naming your soon-to-be future cats. You foolish girl, you are the lucky one, because being single on Valentine’s Day is not something to be bummed about at all, and here’s why…

Romance is awkward: I’m a genuinely awkward person, therefore I generally find romantic gestures rather uncomfortable. But take it from me, romance is AWKWARD. All that expectation and preparation – ain’t nobody got time for that. Also, I’m the bitch with impossible standards, so if you’re anything like me, men are always going to fall short, sorry.

It’s the one time you can actually pity people IN a relationship: While I’m sitting at home sipping my wine in bed, you are out pretending to be swooned by his failed attempt at cooking, or looking unimpressed that you got “all dressed up” to sit at a look out, in his car, which he didn’t even bother to clean! I know where I’d rather be….

You get out of wasting money on a shitty gift that he won’t appreciate anyway: You know how all your previous effort went unnoticed, guess what girls, this year you’re all on your own (but a good kind of alone). So instead of wasting your effort and coin on him, you can instead waste all your effort and money on yourself, because you deserve it!

The universe is giving you a day were its socially acceptable to hate on men: and boy oh boy does a mutual hatred of men unite us. Every other day of the year your repulsion towards cute couples makes you come across as a spiteful, malicious anti-love-demon, who wants to gouge lover’s eyes out. However, today the feelings mutual and you can bask in the knowledge that every single, single individual will be fueled with hate and disgust in the same manner in which you are everyday.  #acceptance


You now get to spend it with the people you actually love, who are also “lonely”: Instead of spending your night dry humping at the drive-ins, you get to spend it with the ones whose company you truly enjoy the most. The best Valentines days will be the ones spent with your fellow singles.

Your Girlfriends become your Valentines and prove to be better Valentines, resulting in you falling in love with them all over again: Let’s face it, you’ve always preferred shopping for your girlfriends and now you get another occasion to do so. The irony is your girlfriends will probably appreciate your frilly red underwear and chocolates more than he ever did. Girl appreciation is the best kind of appreciation. Your partner will never understand you the way your friends do. Your girlfriends also don’t get awkward about you crying after a few too many glasses of wine – that’s true love right there.

girlfriends get it
You don’t have to share your chocolate or wine with anyone: One for me, and one for me. Nobody can tear that delicious box of Cadbury roses away from you now, you’re unstoppable.

You can laugh at awkward couples: Cringe, aren’t you glad that’s not you dry humping in the back of a commodore at the midnight screening of fifty shades of Grey? Yeah… me too.


You’re single? You’re allowed to be a Psycho today, judgment free: It’s an unspoken rule. It’s totally acceptable for you to want to track down your ex boyfriends new flame and shave her head – doesn’t that sound fun? The universe is allowing you to be hung up on your current break up, and whether you choose to be the drunk girl sobbing all over her best friends lap, or the ex girlfriend from hell who’s cursing his name and promising karma his way, it’s totally acceptable. Your girlfriends expect you to be a psycho today. You’ve been mocked by sweet candy hearts with tacky love clichés and chocolate roses for too long! Even the sane eventually SNAP!

It allows for a little self pity… and wine: As much as I don’t promote self pity and feeling sorry for one’s self, sometimes you just need to wallow in your sorrow over a few wines, some sappy love songs and in good company. It can result in a lot of good.

You can throw a swingers party, since your single now and all:
Not really, but you liked the thought of that, didn’t you?
You can throw a singles party with your lady loves: I like an excuse to gather up my friends and get drunk – Cheers Valentine’s Day. Being single is something worth celebrating!

hot mess

You can spoil & cherish yourself:
Why not re-name Valentine’s Day, “Singles appreciation Day”. Get with the times guys, in no way is being young and single something to be frowned upon. You overlook all your own personal achievements and needs in the pursuit of finding someone else, and you shouldn’t. Being single is your chance to be selfish, spoil yourself and bask in your own solitude and company… cherish that, because if you plan on getting married, that won’t last forever.

Because he was a selfish dick anyway: As if you’d want to spend another Valentine’s Day with him. You’re better off.

Waiting for Happiness

I want to talk about HAPPINESS. Happiness, how we’re all so obsessed with this pursuit of happiness and what truly defines a happy human being. So psychology will tell you this, and religion will tell you that, and then you’re left to your own accord to try and comprehend and define it for yourself.

For me, happiness cannot be put down to one single thing. There is no existing guide to “being happy” because there is no single method capable of ensuring every single individual happiness. I’m so OBSESSED with reading about happiness because it’s intriguing. It intrigues me that people think spending $29.95 on a book, titled “A happier you” will make you happy or that there is some “process” to retrieving “it”.

I paid the $29.95, I read the book, why aren’t I happy? I don’t understand, should I read it again? Did I miss something? Is this a series????

Dear soul, go back to your fifty shades of grey (if it makes you happy). Nobody ever found happiness and self fulfillment while flicking through the pages of a “how to” guide, and if they assure you they did, I assure you it was purely psychological. The mind is a powerful thing. You’ll believe something ridiculous if you, yourself, really want to.

When seeking happiness we’re seeking something only we can give ourselves. We’re seeking our own fulfillment, our own approval, and our own aspirations – whether we acknowledge it or not. We might think we base our happiness around other people, and to certain extents I agree we do. But a happy person is someone who is happy within themselves.

The truth is nobody knows how to make you happy, but you. Sure people make us happy, temporarily, momentarily. People’s company makes our day a little brighter, or a little better. But in truth, it all comes down to you as an individual. Certain happenings will make you smile, make you feel giddy and re-assured, but once the high wears off, you need to be able to feel happy within yourself.

So here comes the irony, because my whole thought process on the subject of “happiness” stemmed this morning from a little quote I read in a book. A little book I got given for Christmas titled, “The happiest moments are often those right in front of us”. I TOLD YOU I WAS OBSESSED. There is no denial here.

But regardless of my infatuations, the quote read a little something like this:

“Don’t ever wait until you have all your ducks in a row before you begin to enjoy life. Every moment is an opportunity for happiness. Don’t ever wait one day to be happy. Happiness is waiting for you now.”

So while the duck reference had me thrown for a while, I found the essence of the quote so beautifully honest and true that it was almost daunting. I hear so many people say, “I will be happy when I have this” or “I will be happy once I have my degree or achieve this”, and I can’t help but sit their, pull a judgmental bitch face, scratch my head and wonder why the bloody hell they’re not happy now? There is no compromising your happiness, it’s not something you wait on, it’s not an occasion or a circumstance, for me.

Andy, knows whats up.

Andy, knows whats up.

I’m one of those crazy nutters who insists on only doing what makes you happy (within reason of course). If he doesn’t make you happy, leave him. If your job is giving you grief, find a replacement. If you’re not happy with yourself, make a change, but do it NOW.

We prolong it so much, we make something that is so vital a compromise, and for what? I find it so frustrating and infuriating, hearing people whinge about things that make them “unhappy”, like they’ve pinpointed it down to a tee, yet they do nothing about it.

You’re not entitled to anything and the universe owes you nothing. Self fulfillment isn’t a golden ticket, and if it was, you would get no gratification or satisfaction knowing you had done absolutely nothing to achieve and obtain what you wanted.
I’m so guilty of this myself. I’ve waited on certain people to make me happy, certain changes and certain achievements to make me feel whole. But the truth is everything is so temporary and we live in a world where everything is made so disposable. You need to be able to depend on yourself.

Stop waiting on a miracle to get you where you want to be. Whatever it is that’s going to make you “so happy” or at least “happy” today, go do it.

Being queen of the “I don’t need a man”committee means that I probably should have seen this coming from a mile away, and I did. Sometimes you’ve given all the physical indications that you’ve withdrawn yourself from a committed situation when you haven’t done so emotionally.

I’ve come to the realisation that men, for me, seem to be just a temporary thing at this point in my life. However, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

So yeah… we broke up and  I panicked. I panicked because everything once again had become so unfamiliar and I felt unsettled. I’d given a year of myself to this person to end up here. A year of myself I had originally intended on giving to MYSELF. To bettering myself, as an individual. But out it flew, a year out the window, and now I’m left to deal with the repercussions.


So I went through the “classic” break up notions for the first few days…

cried…cried some more, watched the Notebook (unintentionally) and cried, drank my weight in alcohol, posted a bunch of sappy posts to instagram… listened to corny love songs in the car on the way to work (which resulted in more crying)… had lots of girl time…and than, got the fuck over it. You know why I got over it? Because I realised quite quickly I wasn’t to blame and it wasn’t quite the tragedy I’d built it up to be. What you did was so beyond the valley of shit that I could not even be bothered trying to wrap my head around it. I say “you” because I know for once you will probably actually read my goddam blog.

So this is a weight off my shoulders coming into the New Year, and call me a heartless bitch if you want, but I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it was shit. People are shit. Relationships at this age are shit, why do you think I’m so repulsed by everybody being so loved up around me. It was never what I wanted for myself at this point in time. I’m far to selfish to commit to someone at this point in my life. I like having options, and I like that I’m back to being me.

break up giff

But anyway, since it seems to be the season for break ups, and I’ve just done the whole “break up” thing, I thought I’d write up  a nice little list to vent, so here it is…


1. Start by not blaming yourself: His A male, that makes him automatically wrong. I don’t care if you cheated on him, it’s his fault. JUST KIDDING. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Whatever the circumstance – deal with it and move on.

2. Drown your sorrows in wine: I promise you, wine will make you feel sexier and more confident than he ever did. A wise drunk girl AKA my best friend, once said “I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you feel hotter when you’re drunk?” Yes, yes I do.

3. Think not of what you’ve lost, but what you’ve gained: You lost a person and yeah it sucks… but you still have all your limbs, so shits still pretty good, right? In my case, I gained myself back, my life (selfish me over here – ME ME ME), and a BEAUTIFUL support network of people who I absolutely adore.

4. Positives can stem from a negative: Think that something positive will come of it and it will. His done the worse thing he could possibly do to you now, it can’t get any worse, right? So it’s only up from here.

5. BE FREE: Remember how it felt to be unaffected by someone else’s struggles and problems – it’s a load off your shoulders. Nobody needs someone else’s emotional baggage. He had too many problems he expected you to fix, your no miracle worker, and god knows it will take a miracle to fix him.

6. Prioritise yourself: You do you. Do whatever you need to do to better YOU. Do the things he held you back from doing, because there’s nobody to blame but yourself if you don’t follow through now.

7. Do the things he hated:
It’s just the most satisfying feeling to date. You know that tree of life dress you love, that he hates, that he told you to never wear. YOU OWN THAT SHIT GIRL. Who gives a shit? I don’t live to please anybody but myself, asshole. AND, if I don’t feel like shaving my legs today, I WON’T.

8. PERV ON EVERYONE: It’s very therapeutic and provides all the stimulation and distractions required to progress forward and move the fuck on. It’s ok that you’re obsessed with the guy that works at the local bottle-O, his really cute ok, we’re practically already dating. I see him all the time, he doesn’t even card me anymore (although I’m pretty sure he was only carding me so he could find out where I live so he can stalk me). Yeah, we have heaps in common too, like, I like to drink, and he likes to sell me drinks. MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, EM-I-RIGHT?

9. DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF: I REPEAT, DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. You have enough people feeling sorry for you as it is, instead pity his dumb ass; he just lost out, not you.

10. Have a creative outlet: Emotional release is so important. If you have an outlet to channel your rage or an emotional outlet, you will be so much better for it. Even if you need to take up boxing or frequent wine drinking – whatever helps you, I don’t judge. Writings personally my outlet because it allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings (god knows I have a lot of those), but there’s plenty of things out there.

11. AVIOD casual hook ups: If it really makes you feel better, go for it. But from experience, no matter how nice a guy is to you after a break up, the biggest sweet heart will still repulse you simply because his a MALE. His the same gender as your ex (eww). Buy yourself a vibrator and get over it. Surround yourself with your lady friends, and than when you’re ready, have some fun. Just bask in the knowledge that you have options if someone does happen to catch your eye.

12. Love YOU: Spoil yourself. Treat yourself often. Even unleash your inner diva if need be. A little self-admiration never killed anyone. It’s the worst cliche in the world, but it’s important. Self loathing gets you nowhere.


13. LAUGH OUT LOUD: Everyday. As often as possible, find something or someone to make you laugh, it’s the best medicine money can’t buy. Plus, laughing shows that you are genuinely happy. Nobody laughs when their sad.

14. Own that red lipstick: Werk-it-girrrrrrl. Make him hate himself for giving up those sexy lips. You can’t be ugly when you have coloured lips – true story.

15. Don’t get hung up on him: Don’t consume your mind with his life, don’t stalk him, and don’t try to figure him out – let him become someone else’s “problem”. You’re not his birth giver. You can’t keep wondering and driving yourself insane over it. I’m sure his Having fun with his new blonde haired, fake tits, wannabe-porn star. I heard she has the personality of a rock. She sounds like a dreamboat and she clearly has a lot going for her (intended sarcasm) – You two sound perfect for each other. Your mum must be thrilled. So proud.  No, but seriously, even knowing what you know, you need to disregard it.


16. Cuddle a puppy: Because if nothing makes you feel better, a puppy will. PLUS, animals love being sobbed on #fact.

17. Throw a break up party: It’s for the best really… *takes a swig from wine bottle
Nothing says “I’m over you” like a life sized pinata of your ex.

18. No watching the notebook: I’m serious. Don’t torture yourself with that romanticised, Hollywood bullshit. Men are prics. I’m sorry, but yeah. The truth hurts, and RYAN GOSSLING DOESN’T WANT YOU…. sorry.

19. “It’s not me, it’s you”: Always remember whose loss it is. You were fine before him and you will be fine after him. You know how no one really cared that the two of you broke up…? Well yeah, no one really cares because nobody thought highly of him anyway.

20. See it as a learning curve: Shitty people are put in your life for a reason, whether it’s to build up your resilience as a person, or just to teach you never to date someone so stupid again. Learn from it if anything.

21. All the single ladies, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES: Surround yourself with single friends. People in long-term relationships or those in the “honeymoon phase” just don’t get it. They have a head full of mush. They are insensitive and infuriating… please stop sending me snap chats of the two of you. seriously dude. Don’t make me throw my phone at the wall.

22. Unleash your inner-feminist: Why not channel that rage into man hating? If it makes you feel better. No, but get passionate about something. Be self assured and grow a backbone, sister.

23. Don’t allow yourself to be pitied: You don’t need anybody feeling sorry for your ass. Pity him. I’m fine.


24. When in doubt, TINDER: It’s the greatest from of drunken entertainment ever. You’re single, why not, desperate people are really amusing. You will feel automatically better about yourself and circumstance. Legit.

25. Give yourself closure: Don’t let it linger. Tell yourself whatever you need to hear to be done with it, and do whatever needs to be done to put it behind you. Don’t allow yourself to be strung along and don’t assume. Don’t assume someone is going to do the right thing by you, just because you’ve done the right thing by them. Sometimes you just have to stop caring.

26. Think of all the POSSIBILITIES: You know how your planning that contiki trip to Europe with your girlfriend, and she was telling you how great it’s going to be for her, being single and getting to hook up with all those sexy European boys… guess who gets to hook up with sexy European boys now – YOU DOO! Think of all the hot sexy European boys you could have missed out on.


27. Be an attention-whore: post as many hot (or not so hot) drunken photos as your little heart desires. You sexy thang, you. But don’t post depressing shit. No, no no no no no. Nobody likes that sort of an attention whore.

28. Exercise more: You already have a great ass, but we want to give Kimmi-K a run for her money – get your butt to the gym girl and do them squats. It’s a great distraction and it has positive results on both your health and well being. Plus it releases good endorphins, so you’ll be a little ball of glowing sunshine.

29. Don’t try to understand: You won’t ever understand men. Give up now, SAVE YOURSELF. SAVE WHAT LITTLE SANITY YOU HAVE LEFT. Gain a “fuck you” attitude, thatta-girl.

30. Be a BITCH: you have every right to be. Get your confidence back, find your feet. Belt out some Cher in the car, because you’re “strong enough” to get through this. Laugh at his misfortune. He lost you, what’s more unfortunate than that.

31. KARMA. It’s a vicious circle: He should Consider himself lucky he doesn’t have a car because I would have been inclined to slash his tyres. Lucky for him I’m a firm believer in the power of karma. Karma’s a bitch; I’ll just leave it at that.

You may now refer to me as the Taylor Swift of the blogging world. No, but seriously… I’m not bitter.

Fifty shades of Caitlin: RED RAYS

Every girl has that one guilty pleasure, that guilty pleasure for me is lipstick. To me there is a PERFECT shade for every occasion, every emotion and every outfit. I’m never fully dressed and ready to face the day without my lippy on. I’m constantly being asked what lipstick colour I’m wearing and complimented on my lipstick, which has enticed me to start my “fifty shades of Caitlin” posts. It’s completely self indulgent, but I’m going to share with you 50 of my favourite shades of lipstick, one post at a time.

Lipstick is the confidence boost every girl needs in her life; it’s her pick-me-up, her backbone and her charm. You can’t feel ugly when you have colourful lips – true fact.

Everyone’s getting engaged and having babies, meanwhile I’m here just  trying to sort out my lips. So yeah, I have my priorities sorted. Having the right shade of lipstick on everyday makes me feel like I have my shit together. It makes passing those ugly lighted mirrors all that little bit easier, and it makes all those embarrassing moments a little easier to laugh off.

So without further a do, let me introduce to you my first shade of choice…. Shade No 1: Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick in RED RAYS (575)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is one of my newer purchases and I love it! It is so easy to apply and not to smudgy, so if your anything like me – a clutse – than you’ll love it. This lipstick always makes my lips look really full and puckered, which is what I love. I would describe the colour as a matte coral, it’s extremely bold and daring. Personally I usually wear this when I’m feeling really plain or feel as though it’s going to be a day of snap chatting and selfies. It does say 14hr, and to my delight it doesn’t wear off quickly. However I do usually re-apply every 4 or so hours if I’m out, to keep the coat looking fresh.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Every time I try to take a selfie that does this colour justice, my head just seems to ruin it. But in most of my photo’s it appears more redish than it actually is. So I decided I’d smear it along my hand to try and give you an idea of the colour and texture in comparison to one of my classic Red Rimmel lipsticks. As you can see from the photo,  The Maybelline Red Rays is smeared on the right side –  in comparison to the Red Rimmel lipstick (left) it has a less glossy finish and applies more as a matte lipstick. It’s also not as rich of a red, the red rays is almost a more neon red colour, which makes it really pop.

This colour for me is just a little bit flirtatious, bubbly and fun. It comes with a “don’t rain on my parade” kind of attitude and it’s definitely one to turn heads.

Anyway, give it a go for yourself and let me know what you think, OR if you have tried it, let me know your thoughts?
More shades to come….


Pass me the wine, and let me tell you how I really feel: The life of a highly sensitive person

When I say “Highly sensitive”, you probably think “over-emotional”. Yes, I’m someone who cry’s over trivial things. Yes, I’m someone who over thinks and over analyses every situation and circumstance. I will cry over things that probably won’t even phase you. I’ll worry about things that seem normal to you, and I will put on a front, because that’s how I’ve learnt to handle it all. I’m going to be angry at you for reasons you can’t understand. I’m going to resent you for the things you should have said, and the times you should have been there but you weren’t. I’m going to love you in a way you’ll never be able to reciprocate. I’m going to put up a front, and let my guard down, then joke about it because that’s my current coping mechanism.

So coping for me, goes a little something like this…

How I want to believe I’m handling the situation… “Feelings? Nope… don’t recall ever having those, fetch me my wine peasant, check my knickers aren’t showing and let’s dance!”


The reality of how I’m actually handling the situation…. “I hate everybody. I hate him. HIS SUCH AN ASSHOLE. I hate her. She’s such a BITCH. Pass me the wine and let me tell you how I really feel through blubbering sobs and ruined mascara. While your at it, pass me the block of chocolate, I need the whole block to feel better.”


JUUUST KIDDING! I have my emotions under control, most of the time.  But in all seriousness, I am a very sensitive person, and I do have a lot of feelings and it tends to weird people out. I’m that high-maintenance friend that get’s offended if you leave without saying goodbye. I’m the over-affectionate drunk friend you think is always hitting on you (get over yourself) at parties.

I’m not psychotic, even though it feels like it a vast majority of the time. But if I end up unmarried, living alone with my 23 cats, we all know why…

yes yes you do

You can offend me 5 times in one day and probably never know about it, but 2 weeks later I’ll drunk dial you to make sure we’re still friends and you still love me. But all-in-all, the truth be told, I don’t see any of it as a “fault”, and while I make lite of it and of myself because I have come to terms with the fact that I’m an emotional embarrassment and fragile goods, I feel there’s still a really horrible stigma attached to it.


So here’s my short list of what NOT to say to your fragile friends:

“Why are you crying?”
I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M CRYING, and even if I do, I probably don’t want to talk about it considering I’m struggling to take a breath in between my sobs, let alone form a coherent sentance or explanation.

“You’re being silly/dramatic”
Don’t. Just don’t. It’s better if you just go sit over their in the corner, facing it, so I can pretend you don’t exist, and I never heard that.

“Do you want a hug”
No. That will just make me cry harder. You will also end up with my panda eyes all over your shirt, nobody wants that.

“Are you ok?”
Self explanatory. No, I’m clearly not. Thank you for faking an interest in my life, how noble of you.

“You’re so melodramatic” OR “You’re such a drama queen”
You’re ignorant. Please shut up and be sure to jam your finger in the door as you leave, thank you.

“Is this about… ?”
NO YOU IDIOT, don’t give me something else to cry about!!!!!

“Your eyes look so pretty when you cry”
I feel worse than a crying Kim Kardashian right now, please shut up. The vanity of some people.

“Don’t take it so personally” OR “You’re overreacting”
Say this and you will automatically become my least favourite person in the world, your move.

We’re really not that complicated to understand…. ok, maybe just a little.

How not to be a dickhead – A simple step-to-step guide to becoming an all round better human being (experiences may vary)

Maybe you’ve started to notice that people find it hard to be in your presence for longer than 5 minutes, or that they roll their eyes at your ignorant, misogynistic jokes. If this applies to you, I highly suggest you read on, because I’m going to give you a step-to-sep guide of instructions so thorough, that you’ll never be called a “dickhead” again.


Let’s start with…

Firstly, when leaving the house, make sure your attire is decent! Iron your shirt (you may want to get your mother to do this for you, because irons are hot and quite often a foreign thing to the male species). Ensure your boxers/underwear is kept neatly tucked BENEATH your pants – nobody wants to see hairy ass crack. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BRUSHED YOUR TEETH – morning breath is highly unpleasant, as is coffee breath. Lastly if you are wearing a snap back or crocs, take them off and burn them.

When initiating a conversation with anyone, especially in company of the female kind, try to avoid talking about your dick and how “big” it is. Maybe try instead paying your company a nice compliment like, “I like what you’ve done with your hair today” or try some general conversation like, “how was your weekend”, rather than boasting about yourself. Try to avoid starring at your lady companies boobs – doesn’t really fit in the category of a “respectable human being”. You could also pretend to show an interest in someone’s life other than your own, by asking them specific things such as – “how’s your job at ….?” – this lets the other person know you actually do take an interest in things other than your dick.

AVOID boasting about your degree, career, shit box car or how much you “lift”… we don’t care. Basically avoid any conversation you would initiate around your male friends – we’re not your male friends.It’s especially important to AVOID making misogynistic jokes – by “misogynistic” I mean jokes about women in the kitchen etc.


I understand that these two words are probably completely foreign to you as a reader, most likely because you feel you are more than “common” and well, courtesy? Probably not in your vocabulary. To be courteous you must display manners – say things such as “please”, “thank you”, “sorry” and “excuse me” when the appropriate situation arises. Here are some examples of how to put these phrases into practice:

When someone says’s to you, “That shirt really suits you” – instead of saying “I know”, like a cocky asshole, you could instead say, “thanks, I bought it from…”

Instead of demanding that your bitch make you a sandwich, you could instead rephrase the sentence like so – “Could you please make me a sandwich while you’re up?” – This will increase your chances of getting a sandwich by 70%, and reduce your chances of getting either slapped or dumped in the future.

Next time you spill your drink on a girl in a bar and she turns around and gives you a filthy, you could try saying “sorry”, it’s very simple, only one word to remember! This is usually a better approach than calling her a “bitch” or a “slut” because she gave you a filthy in front of your mates, even though you’re the dick that spilt the drink on her.

Lastly, if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, instead of knocking over the poor old lady straggling along in front of you, just say “excuse me”. I’m sure she will be more than happy to shuffle out of your way to let you past.

Respect is key, you must act with consideration and politely in social manners – this means occasionally letting someone else choose the movie, or activity. This means not slapping a random girl’s ass in a club and not being a giant sleaze bag – If you want that ass, take her out for dinner and treat her like a lady, not an object.


DELETE YOUR TINDER ACCOUNT. Now that, that’s done, remove yourself from chat-roulette, or any other social media platforms that will possibly indicate you are an unrespectable dick. Avoid snap-chatting or sending a dick pick – you will be ridiculed and humiliated and that may result in your big egotistic head combusting. DO NOT add girls simply because their “hot”. DO NOT make inappropriate comments on their photos about their lady parts. DO NOT inbox them asking for a “root” or anything of that nature.

marina you god

And… that’s basically it. If you can follow these SIMPLE principles and display common decency and respect, you will no longer be deemed a “dickhead” in the eyes of society – You’re welcome.

A LITTLE SIDE NOTE: When I was asked to write a “thorough set of instructions” for a writing portfolio, I couldn’t resist the urge to mock such a redundant task. Considering the amount of dickheads I seem to be surrounded by on a daily bases seems to be on the incline, I couldn’t help myself, I had to write and submit this. It’s tongue in cheek, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! ALSO – YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SHARE THIS WITH A “DICKHEAD”… I’m sure you all thought of someone while reading this post !

Cay x